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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  June 11, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> gmt is live from south africa. the waiting is over. this is the data wory world cups off. excitement and sadness. it is concerned nelson mandela will not attend the opening ceremony after the death of his great granddaughter in a road accident. >> i'm tim wilcox in london. summoned to the white house, the bp chairman to answer to the president. a state of emergency in kyrgyzstan. 23 people are killed in gun battles. after a massive 5,000 mile air search, a 16-year-old american sailor is found alive and well
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in the indian ocean. >> they say good things come to those who wait. south africa feels it has waited long enough to host the world cup tournament for 2010. it is south africa which will kick off in the opening match against mexico. that is taking place at the soccer city. there will be another matched in cape town, france and uruguay. preparations have been long and hard. so many teams have been eliminated to get to the stage, and we're down to the last 32. there's been a sense of sadness on this day as nelson mandela was informed that his great granddaughter, just 13 years old, was killed.
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she was killed in a car accident. he has decided it would be inappropriate for him to attend the opening ceremony. humphrey huxley. >> south africa hosting the world cup has always been about far more than football. and so it began that glamour, frenzied excitement, and a lineup of stars. the venue, the orlando stadium. the charismatic figure desmond tutu saying what is on millions of minds. >> the credo of humanity. we welcome you home, all of the
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you. >> the evening offered a new dynamism for an area so often linked with poverty and disease. >> the kickoff of the world cup of 2010. [applause] football is not only a game. football is connecting people. >> south africa is very happy to host the 2010 world cup. [applause] >> the morning press said news that nelson mandela's great granddaughter, zenani mandela, was killed in a car accident while leaving the concert. she had just turned 13. there were hopes that 91-year- old nelson mandela would attend the opening ceremony. his foundation now says that
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would be inappropriate. the first match will be south africa against mexico, a tough one. if the pre matched excitement looks like a victory celebration, it could be that there's a sense that just by hosting the world cup, south africa is winning. bbc news. >> this is a country that has a fine track record in hosting sporting world cup, cricket and rugby of course. in 1999, they won the world cup on their home so oiil. on that day, and the manager of the team is now the executive chairman of the cape town stadium, where the opening match will be in a few moments' time.
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i caught it be with him a few moments ago. >> the backdrop today and just the history flowing through this iconic structure, the energy, the pride -- this is enormous for us today. >> i bet you cannot wait for the 17,000 fans to put this into the real thing. >> absolutely. this is the real thing. we are very proud nation. >> we have a nation here is dreaming of winning matches, let alone the world cup itself. you have been there. you've had south africa's greatest sporting moment. relive that for us. >> the pride and energy is probably 100 times bigger than it was in 1995. in 1995, we were a nation struggling to come together.
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i believe we are now a nation together. with all our issues, we are a proud and happy nation. this has been proved that sports is such an important nation builder. anybody who ever doubted that must be proof of that. >> a clear message. i will be back in a minute or two with more on the world cup and have a look at some of the teams who have a real chance of winning this tournament. for now, back to you. >> thank you very much. the chairman of bp has been summoned to the white house to meet president obama and other officials. he will be reminded of his company's obligation on wednesday. it is now thought the amount of oil leaking into the ocean could be double the previous estimate.
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>> the estimates of how much oil was leaking was always big, but not since they are startling. u.s. scientists say as many as 40,000 barrels per day could be leaking. this doubles the adjustment from bp. both the american and british governments have stressed that the unfolding crisis will not affect their relationship. >> bp is a private company and this is about the impact of a tragedy in terms of the explosion of the oil platform and the resulting oil spill. this is not about relations between the united states and its closest allies. >> the relatives of those who died in the explosion met with president obama. jones lost his son, gordon, in
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april. >> they're so many ways oil companies have to make certain a blowout does not happen. one by one, those protections fall by the wayside. decisions were made always to save money. >> the chairman of bp has been invited to the white house on wednesday. it's a sign of a growing international crisis, but one that the president intends to make bp paid for. >> news that there could be twice as much oil in the gulf of mexico will come as cold comfort to the people here. it will be devastating to the entire region and billions could be lost. president obama be back here on monday and tuesday. >> gun battles in the southern kyrgyzstan city of osh is now believed to killed 23 people. more than 100 have been injured.
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the former stronghold of the ousted president. a nine-day state of emergency has been declared and a curfew was imposed. we've been speaking to our correspondent and asked if the interim government was able to maintain control. >> we have heard from the interim president. she addressed the nation earlier today. she told people to remain calm. also, there have been other comments from authorities. they say that it looks like what happened overnight in the city of osh -- it has been coordinated. it all started in the late hours of thursday night. there was some kind of fight between two rival youth gangs. it soon turned into a much larger scale violence, which continue to through the early hours of friday morning. >> the 16-year-old american girl
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who attempted to sail around the world on her own has been found alive and well a day after she was found missing in the indian ocean. she was making her way to australia when she set off an emergency beacon on thursday. there was no communication with her for around 20 hours. a rescue plane managed to make radio contact. her family says the mast of the boat snapped, but she should be fine for the 24 hours until the rescue boats reach her. >> ahmadinejad has accused them of wanting to use science and technology for themselves. he has been marking iran day. let's go to shanghai and my correspondent, chris. have the events of the u.s.
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security council made the relationship between iran and china more delicate? >> definitely. over the last 24 hours, the head of the iranian atomic energy association described china as two taste. -- two-faced because the way they treat iran and north korea on the nuclear issue is totally different. the president was much more conciliatory here in shanghai today. he turned his fire on the americans. he attacked president obama. he said president obama came into office promising change in promising to end unilateralism. yet, he said, president obama is now on the same path as president bush. >> will he be meeting a senior chinese leadership? >> he will not.
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he was very clear about that. it's just a visit to the expo. on the one hand, the chinese have a very close trade relationship with iran. they have reluctantly gone along with the sanctions, but they tried to weaken them. many of the countries in the middle east feel threatened by iran are friends of china. china did not want to be seen as ruling out the red carpet for the iranian president today. >> thank you very much. this is gmt. coming up, the iranian opposition calls of plans for a demonstration of saturday to mark the first anniversary of the disputed reelection of president ahmadinejad as the government vows to crack down on new protests. it seems that everything in south africa at revolves around football.
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even a new art exhibition focuses on the game and one of its greatest players. 35 original artworks have gone on show for the first time in johannesburg, the killing the crew of a football legend. many of the players were not even born when pele was playing. >> that has been said that football is an art. hear, it has been taken off the field and on to the canvas. behind me, a brazilian artist's latest art work. he used to be great at football as in the stand. pele said that when he was growing up he was so poor. >> thank you very much.
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you have changed my life. . >> what every think of the great man's art work, you have to pay a lot more than peanuts to get your hands on one of these. for the lucky few who made it to the opening, all that was irrelevant. >> pele represents football at its old image. he is probably the finest man who ever grace the gamd the gam. he is football personified. >> i'm happy he is in our country today. >> it might not be to everyone's taste, but what he is selling hardly matters. >> this is gmt on "bbc world
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news." the main headlines -- the first match of this year's world cup begins in a few hours. south of the bill will take on mexico. nelson mandela will miss the opening match following the death of his great granddaughter in a car crash. tomorrow, saturday, is the first anniversary of the disputed presidential elections in iran. ahmadinejad's claim to victory sparked huge rallies and a violent political crackdown. the leaders of the iranian opposition have called off a peaceful demonstration for fear of more violence. what has happened to the opposition movement in iran? i corresponded has been assessing the mood in iran twelvemonth on. >> they've never seen anything
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like this in the history of islamic republic. the presidential election campaign last summer erupted in a spontaneous debate over the future of the rrian. -- of iran. >> i do remember people were in the streets. they were dancing. they were talking about the presidential candidates. >> an eyewitness to the enthusiasm carries through to election day itself. >> everyone in iran wants to have their say. this election has elevated, excited, and divided iran. >> we wanted better economy. we want better relations with other countries. we want more freedom. >> huge demonstrations followed the official declaration of victory for president
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ahmadinejad. gradually the opposition seems to have been battered into submission. >> there's no chance. cannot fight bullets with good intentions. they just beat you. >> president ahmadinejad told loyal supporters last week that it was the most democratic election in the world and iran is the most democratic government. how do less sympathetic iranians feel? >> the leadership has lost credibility because people have seen the security forces beating up on young and old. >> some of the issue within the iranian society has never been discussed. >> it will be tougher because of economic mismanagement and corruption that is now in a system. >> behind the confident
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exterior, the leadership is still clearly very nervous, but never underestimate their determination to sea of all threats. >> joining me now is a special correspondent in iran. thank you for coming in. the opposition reform movement say it is still alive and they have not been defeated. is that the case? >> the fact that they have cancelled tomorrow's demonstrations, the anniversary demonstrations, is not a sign of strength of the opposition. it's also not a sign of weakness either. they are canceling the demonstrations tomorrow, they say, because they cannot guarantee the lives and property. the regime is now deeply divided. it's facing a huge legitimacy problem. it's facing a huge opposition.
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there resulting to force, brutal forced to stay in power. and coming onto the streets to demonstrate has a heavy costs attached. >> it's a human cost in terms of the number of people in prison and executed. >> that's right. dozens have been killed. probably more on the streets of iran. 25 people have been executed over the last year. not all of them are directly connected to the demonstrations. nevertheless, the regime, by executing these people, is sending the message that we are not going to be shying away from using force and execution to make sure that people follow. >> the leaders have not been
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taken into custody. for those who came out on the streets one year ago, is that struggle in vain as far as they are concerned, or do they detect a new strategy from the reform movement? >> there are people in iran who are not happy with the way the leaders have been conducting themselves and the policies they have been pursuing. on the whole, i think many people feel there's not a lot they can do. they have to wait and bide their time. they have to wait for that moment to arrive where they can actually do something. >> is the opposition united -- who is choreographing things now? is it finance from outside? >> certainly, the regime side, meaning all the centers of power, are choosiaccusing the
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opposition of being financed by western intelligence organizations and all that. i do not think many people believe that in iran. it's not something that is taken seriously. >> what about the clerics' within iran? at the time of these elections, they will this huge power, and perhaps they still do. >> it's not clear. he's trying to walk this line. he's not been very successful. he's not popular with either side at the moment. there are other leaders of the revolution that are now part of the opposition these days. only one week ago we had the anniversary of the death of the
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founder of the islamic revolution. normally, in those kind of occasions you would see all these leaders of the revolution there. last week, we did not see any of them. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> you are watching gmt on "bbc world news." let's go back to cape town. david, over to you. >> thank you very much. we have baser green backdrop here in cape town -- serene backdrop here in cape town. we are going to raise the decimal level. james is with some of the fans as the match time approaches.
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they have been blowing these -- it is like the footballers practicing. they are getting ready. they're all ready for the big kickoff in two hours. >> it was loud from here. james, you said to me yesterday you thought donohoe was the african team with the best chance. -- ganna was the african team with the best chance. >> it's a dangerous move. there's a fence behind me. i probably safe enough. it probably does have a better chance than south africa. they're a pretty strong
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team. they're among the best of the african teams. i think it would be great for the tournament if africa 01 the first game. -- won the first game. >> very briefly, they are not such a bad al fit, south africa -- outfit, south africa now, are they? >> they are certainly improving since carlos came back. i think that was given the team strength and confidence. certainly, south africans are very confident they will get a good result against mexico. the mexicans are pretty
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confident as well. >> thank you. let's not forget, in a couple of hours, there will be millions of south africans tuning in to see if south africa can live up to their expectations. cape town has a match as well, france and uruguay. two former world cup winners. it will be here at the cape town stadium. we will have all the excitement and all the interviews for you here on b "bbc world news." you can call me on twitter and facebook as well. >> hello and welcome.
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